Editorial: The Mathematics of Up Wing Democracy on Future Day 2015

The year 2015 may be remembered in transhumanist circles as the year transhumanism got political with the formation of a U.S. based and global Transhumanist Party and other h+ oriented political groups. Of course previously transhumanists have been political, h+ Chair Natasha Vita-More ran for and won a political office in Los Angeles, and some transhumanists have run high profile campaigns and won political offices. And despite the recent attention, none of these efforts were really very future oriented or transhuman in implementation. The current transhumanist political movement isn’t either but it should be.

In his book Are You a Transhuman?: Monitoring and Stimulating Your Personal Rate of Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, transhumanist founding father FM 2030 presented his view for transhumanist approach to politics which he called “Up Wing” in order to set it apart from the usual dichotomy between left and right wing ideologies.

The UpWing philosophy is a visionary new thrust beyond Right and Left-wing, beyond conservative and conventional radical. Beyond all our age-old philosophies and ideologies.

We UpWingers want to facilitate the flow to the emerging post-industrial world.

We also want to accelerate humanity’s thrust to the next stage in evolution.

Specifically we want to marshall humanity’s genius to overcome our supreme tragedies – aging and death.

We want to help accelerate the colonization of our solar system and open up this infinite Universe of infinite space, infinite resources, infinite potentials.

We want to speed up the thrust to post-industrial telespheres, such as teleduction and telemedicine which can instantly provide services to anyone anywhere.

We want to help accelerate the surge to upcoming worlds of undreamed abundance. Clean, cheap, limitless energy. Limitless food. Limitless raw materials.

We want to help spread the benefits of the Biological Revolution, the new genetics, the Brain Revolution giving each one of us control over our own bodies, our own minds, our own emotions. Allowing us biological freedoms never before possible.

We want to hasten the evolution to universal telegenesis and universal parenthood where every child is genetically preplanned, every child wanted, every child cared for. We want to help liberate children from the traumas of exclusive parenthood that every child may belong biologically and socially to the whole world.

We want to move beyond Capitalist/Socialist economies to the upcoming teleconomics of Cybernation, Abundance, Leisure.

We want to advance beyond leadership and representative democracies to ELECTRONIC DEMOCRACY enabling everyone to participate directly and immediately in all important decision-making.

We want to help the thrust beyond feudal mud villages and decaying industrial cities to 21st century instant modular communities which fuse the best of nature with the new tele technologies and the new liberated life styles.

We want to help accelerate the thrust beyond nations, ethnic groups, races to create a global conscious-ness, global institutions, a global language, global citizenship, global free flow of people, global commitments.

We want to surge ahead in all these areas because we believe that all areas of life are increasingly interdependent – to advance rapidly in any one area, we must advance vigorously in all areas.

We want to spread a new triumphant spirit – an Optimism free of guilt, free of shame, free of self-denial. We want to spread the awareness that we are at the dawn of a beautiful New Age. There is a new Hope in the world.

~ FM 2030


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